Pam Katsopolis-Tanner (semiserious) wrote in queerclash,
Pam Katsopolis-Tanner

Why am I so upset that 35 y/o TR Knight is dating a 19 y/o? Here's a guy who is all the sudden this big gay rights advocate, ok, and let's be honest at this point a lot of the Gay Rights movement should be like "look guys, we're just as banal and boring as you so please let us get married and don't get freaked out around us" instead of some of the bullshit "we're fucking men, we don't play by societies rules". Except, I want to play by society's rules, if only it would let me. I mean one of my biggest dreams is to find someone to spend my life with and raise some kid's with, and honestly the biggest struggle with my sexuality came from realizing that it would be a lot harder to do that. So, sure it's great TR Knight is talking about day of silence and all that symbolic bullshit, but then he shows up at public events with a 19 y/o twink who can't even legally drink. I mean, we all know a lot of the fundies think we're all pedophiles and shit, so does it help to go public with a relationship with that? Plus I think any full grown man who dates a 19 y/o of either sex is sad.

/end rant.
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